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Voicemail Hacking - It's Easier Than You Think.
1 min read

Voicemail Hacking - It's Easier Than You Think.

In light of the News of the World scandal here’s a piece about how easy it is to hack someone’s voicemail.

I spoke with John Hering CEO of Lookout, the most downloaded mobile security app. He has over 10 years mobile security experience and works to protect people from hackers and thieves everyday. He noted “There are a handful of applications that can produce sophisticated attacks — that don’t require overly sophisticated software.”

Good piece from my friend Katie Linendoll the energetic Tech Wiz on CNN and CBS. Definitely worth a read (unless you don’t have a cell phone, which is weird).

When I was younger I used to caller-id spoof people claiming that I was Bill Gates – it was pretty easy to do at the age of 12.

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