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this is an experiment to use voice dictation to write a blog post
1 min read

this is an experiment to use voice dictation to write a blog post

Okay here we go. I wonder what happens when I say the word. If you can write the word. And out the punctuation mark. Apparently I don’t know how to say the word. There’s no editing in this post is completely done by voice dictation. There is as it seems no way to say the word. Without getting the punctuation mark. Maybe I’m unsure of how to do this maybe there something else I’m missing but for some reason I cannot say the word. Okay so the rest of the post well I imagine if I say the word, or parentheses or something else it will show up funky. I figured MIs will give us a shot as I haven’t seen is done anywhere before so I fired up the word press application on my iPhone and just begin speaking. So far seems to be going pretty well I pause in between a few times to see how it looks but I have not added a single thing. That’s all for now – I’m in a trying use a little bit later and see how works. I don’t think the Redig grammar Nazis are you like this one.

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