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Show, don't tell
2 min read

Show, don't tell

You probably don't care if you have a 2.7GHz processor or a 2.8GHz processor. You probably don't care if you have 12 or 13 megapixels in your camera phone. You care about what that computer let's you do, how the photos your camera phone make you feel, and what life is like with it. You care that you can take beautiful images. The specs rarely matter. What matters is the feeling and the result.

Apple doesn't discuss specs on the iPhone instead they show you how great life is with your iPhone. They make you feel and experience the possibilities. It's anthropomorphic.

Snapchat doesn't tell you how long a story can be and what kind of technology they use to let you snap photos or videos, they show you how much fun it is.

Volkswagen shows you the problem of annoying passengers how they solved it.

Mercedes sells you on how beautiful and noticeable the car is.

Lamisil makes you feel how gross your toes can get if you have a nail infection.

Lego uses imagination to show you what you can do with Lego.

Don't tell your customers about the megapixels the gigabytes, or what type of poly urethane it's made of – they don't care! Show them life after the fact. Show them the experience they will have. Make them feel how great life will be. Pain them a picture. Sell the dream.

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