Sharing form submissions used to mean digging through your inbox and forwarding emails and hoping the lead hasn't been contacted. Not anymore! Now your form submissions are leveled up with Pickle. Leave comments directly on the form submission, attach real contacts, and share with your team effortlessly. Next time you look at a submission, you'll know if they've been followed up with, what the status is, and all other relevant info.

When someone submits a form on your website or through a third party form service, usually you receive an email notification with the results. Sharing form submissions means forwarding emails and hoping that person isn't busy or on vacation. With Pickle Forms, we're powering that up and taking that to the next level.

Everyone will be on the same page with your Pickle powered form submissions. Plus, it works with your existing form software. Whether you use TypeForm, Google Forms, JotForm, Wufoo, Squarespace Forms, any anything from this list, we've got you covered.

Add Pickle to your form submissions and they are now collaborative. Got a new lead? Share it with the team, take notes on it, attach metadata, see what others on your team said, get caught up in minutes not hours, and be more productive.