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White Glove Service — Limited time!
1 min read

White Glove Service — Limited time!

One of the hardest parts of using a new product is figuring out how to get started.

At  Pickle, we’re looking to help solve that by offering a white glove  service to anyone who reaches out to us after signing up. Here’s what  you’ll get:

  1. We’ll help you export and import your contacts into Pickle.
  2. We’ll learn how you currently work and try and customize Pickle around your needs.
  3. We’ll answer any questions and show you a few things that we think might help enhance your experience.

We’re  offering this service free to anyone who signs up for a paid account.  Pickle is a small team, and we’ll accommodate everyone that we can as  our availability permits. If you’ve already signed up and want to take  advantage of the Pickle White Glove, send us an email and we’ll be happy  to get you set up!

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