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Michael Phelps Hits Bong, World Explodes
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Michael Phelps Hits Bong, World Explodes

Michael Phelps BongThe internet exploded, because Michael Phelps smoked pot.

Mr Phelps, 23, who won eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics last year, was pictured by the News of the World inhaling from a glass pipe.

The picture was taken in November at a party in the University of South Carolina, the newspaper said.

Mr Phelps apologised to fans and said the incident would not be repeated.

In a statement sent to the Associated Press news agency, the swimmer acknowledged the photo was authentic. [BBC]

*Thomas Hawk, a professional photographer and blogger, has an entry dubbed, โ€œOLYMPIC GREAT MICHAEL PHELPS SMOKED POT, WHO THE HELL CARES, NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.โ€ย *

To which I say, who the hell cares! Surely had this man been enjoying a martini instead of a bong nobody would have given a rats ass. And yet marijuana is no more harmful to your body than cigarettes and alcohol. The โ€œwar on drugs,โ€ complete with the propaganda that Michael Phelps in this case somehow did something wrong is idiotic. At present we are spending way too much money prosecuting and incarcerating people for crimes associated with marijuana when smoking pot and getting high really is no different than downing a six pack or if youโ€™re rich, a nice bottle of cabernet sauvignon. [Thomas Hawk]

I have to admit, all this publicity is pretty ridiculous.

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