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How to Email more Efficiently on iPhone
1 min read

How to Email more Efficiently on iPhone

How to Email more Efficiently on iPhone

Writing or replying to an email on mobile is a pain in the butt. Either manage to write a typo free sentence or reply without enough information. Regardless of the scenario, one thing is for sure: it's a frustrating experience.

Shortcuts keyboard has saved me many hours of frustration when replying to emails. I get a good clear and friendly message across without typos and only spend a few seconds doing so. Huzzah!

How does it work? Simple. Create your first email reply shortcut with most of the basic information you'd use in an email. Leave a space here and there for their name and presto, you're off to the races.

Personally, I use a few different email shortcuts that I use daily on my phone:

  • For replying to recruiters (yes, I do reply to recruiters).
  • For replying to potential hires (you'd be surprise the repetition here).
  • For new connections and introducing myself

If you spend a little time time to craft good replies and email shortcuts, you will save time and send better more thought out emails.

I hope that helps! It's certainly saved me a lot to time. I can usually reply to 6 emails as I walk to get my morning coffee. Before this productivity hack? 0.

Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you! You can find shortcuts keyboard by clicking here.

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