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Help a poor college student out and never forget anything again!
1 min read

Help a poor college student out and never forget anything again!

Use RemindersI created a really kick ass service called Use Reminders that allows you to send text message and email reminders to yourself. Just set it and forget it and when the time is right you’ll receive the reminder on your cell phone or in your inbox.

If you’ve ever missed an appointment and been charged for it, then you’ll understand the importance of reminders. This service will pay for itself the first time you receive a reminder.

Maintaining the site and sending reminders costs money. This holiday season, buy yourself a Use Reminders premium account or gift one to a friend. You won’t only be supporting an awesome service, but helping a poor college kid pay the bills. Oh, and you’ll be able to create unlimited reminders too.

Happy Holidays!

Buy now or learn more about premium accounts.

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