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Gear Live claims 1.1.3 Firmware, Wants more readers
1 min read

Gear Live claims 1.1.3 Firmware, Wants more readers

First, I suggest watching their video, it will help you understand why I am calling BS.

I don’t buy it. First it’s a hacked version of the iPhone, look at the carrier name in the upper left. Second, when he moves it over to a new page, did you count the dots? There are 3 pages, What could be on that other page? Maybe installer, and the other apps he is trying to hide? Third, when the phone crashed it had the same effect as a hacked iPhone crashing which is just quiet odd.

What I’m trying to say is take everything with a grain of salt. There are 3rd party applications, which run on a hacked iPhone, to allow you to move your apps around. I’m sure this is not any sort of firmware update, it is simply an illusion for the sake of gaining more readers and more hits.

And the

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