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Don't Bring a Gun to a Snowball Fight
1 min read

Don't Bring a Gun to a Snowball Fight

We’ve had a couple of feet of snow in the past few days, so a flash mob of bored people gathered on the streets of DC for a snowball fight.

“You can criticize it for being immature . . . but it was pretty safe,” said Matthew Bradley, 28, an amateur photographer who showed up to shoot pictures. “It seemed like everything was what you’d expect.”

Then a maroon Hummer pulled up and was hit by snowballs. A man in plainclothes got out with a gun in his left hand.

According to witnesses, the man did not identify himself, and at least one reveler threw a snowball at him. Most witnesses said the man kept the gun at his side. But some witnesses said the detective holstered the gun and then charged into the crowd, pushing at least one snowball fighter with his finger and threatening to haul others to jail. [Matt Zapotosky of The Washington Post]

A video can be found here and on the Post’s website.

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