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Black Friday Ads Compiled!
1 min read

Black Friday Ads Compiled!

The year is 2008 and Black Friday is just around the corner. Known for being one of the “most-anticipated” shopping “holidays” of the year. It is the day after Thanksgiving and was created to satisfy holiday shoppers. First you must cook the largest meal of the year but then you get to shop. It is one of the most brilliant ideas that American businesses have created.

What is the significance of Black Friday to this blog? Well I happen to have, in my digital fingers, a PDF file containing Black Friday specials from many of the top retailers around the country. Trust me, you want it.

To be completely honest, I found this over at Cheap Cheap Cheap, but the download took so long because it was hosted through one of those download services that makes you not only wait to download, but attempts to get you to purchase their services so you can have faster downloads.

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