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2008 NHL Playoffs
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2008 NHL Playoffs

The 2008 NHL Playoffs are finally here and the Washington Capitals made are seeded third. This year’s playoffs begins today April 9th and consist of 16 teams: eight from the East and eight from the West.

In order to their placement beginning with the eastern conference are:

  1. Montreal Canadiens
  2. Pittsburgh Penguins
  3. Washington Capitals
  4. New Jersey Devils
  5. New York Rangers
  6. Philadelphia Flyers
  7. Ottawa Senators
  8. Boston Bruins

For the western conference:

  1. Detroit Redwings
  2. San Jose Sharks
  3. Minnesota Wild
  4. Anaheim Ducks
  5. Dallas Stars
  6. Colorado Avalanche
  7. Calgary Flames
  8. Nashville Predators

The playoffs kick off with New Jersey facing the New York Rangers on Devil’s ice and this is the game to watch. These two teams are long time rivals and are a very close match — this is why I suggest you watch this game out of any being played today and because the Caps don’t start playing until friday.

The game begins at 7:09 EDT (no I didn’t make that up). I’m already anticipating friday’s matchup between the Caps and the Flyers.

Do you have any favorite teams that you’ll be rooting for?

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