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Taiwanese man beats World of Warcraft

“A character named “Little Gray” on the Wrathbringer server has completed all 986 of the game’s ‘cheevos, killing 390,895 creatures and finishing 5,906 quests along the way.” [Joystiq] I was under the impression that it couldn’t be beat and this isn’t work of The Onion. It really makes you wonder: How many hours did he invest into this game?

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Vin Diesel Plays WoW. Probably.

For those of you who don’t know – WoW is an abbreviation for World of Warcraft. It shouldn’t be a huge surprise that Diesel actually plays that game, considering that he’s known to be a hardcore gamer and even wrote the foreword to the D&D 30th Anniversary retrospective coffee table book. In fact, he leads the discussion from D&D to World of Warcraft by saying that games nowadays are MMOs[Zach Yonzon of WoW Insider] Read more.

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