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How to Email more Efficiently on iPhone

Writing or replying to an email on mobile is a pain in the butt. Either manage to write a typo free sentence or reply without enough information. Regardless of the scenario, one thing is for sure: it's a frustrating experience. Shortcuts keyboard has saved me many hours of frustration when replying to emails. I get a good clear and friendly message across without typos and only spend a few seconds doing so. Huzzah! How does it work? Simple. Create your first email reply shortcut with most

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How I use Shortcuts on the iPhone

Recently, I had to go out of town. I had a pair of tickets to an event (go sharks!) and I was going to miss it. I wanted to get something for the tickets so they didn't go to waste. I sent out a group email and then started texting people one by one. It took quite a while to draft a message for each person and even longer to get a response. There had to be a better way, and there was! Using Shortcuts Keyboard,

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The best productivity app in the world

Productivity, or the lack thereof, is a tricky subject to tackle. Here is how I’m able to get things done using some pretty remarkable technology. Technology is can be overwhelming, but only if you let it overwhelm you. I work in a very high tech profession: The computer industry. I develop software, solutions, and ultimately solve problems. My number one productivity tool in such a high tech world is compiled of—are you ready?—a pen and paper. But wait, it’s not just any

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A look back at 2010: Apps I began using

Twenty-ten was a busy year for both developers and myself. Here’s a look at some of the apps I began using. **Pandora **– The most cost effective and least stressful way of listening to music. I create a a “playlist” that infinitely fills itself up based on the song, genre, or artist that I’m in the mood for. I tell it what I want to listen to and it does the rest. It automatically knows what type of music is related and plays it, and

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