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Top 5 places to use the iPad

During a meeting. Take notes, view images, blueprints, or play games while everyone else sleeps (most meetings are 80% BS anyways, so why not?). iPads on a Plane! Be sure to load it up with movies before your six-hour flight to LA. Seriously, this thing is the ultimate travel companion. Long battery life, slim profile, and entertainment galore. I can’t count the number of times I’ve opened a laptop, plopped it on the tray table in front of me (not during landing or take

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Snow Leopard Favorite Features

Snow Leopard has a boat load of refinements and new features making it the best version of OS X that Apple will ever ship. (Pre-order now!) Here is a list of my favorite features that you will find in Snow Leopard: Faster Wake up, shut down, and joining a wireless network. Automatic Automatic Automatic! Snow Leopard automatically detects your current time zone and will update printer drivers so you don’t have to. Safari is super fast in Snow Leopard. It’s also super resistant to

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