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Applying for the Job

I've been receiving a lot of job applications recently and they all have something in common: none of them seem to want the job and it's very rare to find someone who stands out. I have responded to all applicants this far and after thinking about this further I've come to the realization that it was taking too much time. Now, rather than replying to each applicant I've found myself systematically archiving applicants without replying. There are too many applications that read the same way. Buzzwords

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Summer Sweat

Every year around April fools day students minds begin to murmur the longing for summer. It’s a time of no homework, a time to vacation and time to relax. However, when summer actually rolls around the words coming from their parents mouths are quite different. Get A Job! It’s as if saying these three words bring upon some magical force, placing a student into a summer job. It’s tough work. It may seem harder to find a job than it is to make

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