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Imagining the 10th Dimension

What if you could go past 4 dimensions? We understand 3 dimensions the easiest because it comes natural to us.

“Imagining the Tenth Dimension” is a book by Rob Bryanton where he explores the possibilities of going beyond 4 dimensions. He created an animated video for chapter one of the book illustrating his concepts behind moving from one to ten dimensions.

[via Laughing Squid]

RIT in a Nutshell

My sister decided to snoop around Urban Dictionary and typed in her school name, Roanoke College.

roanoke college is a social, not academic, conglomerate of good looking drunk people in pastels and pearls. the typical, good looking roanoke college student possesses a casual arrogance which is eclipsed only by the size of their disposable income. 
“welcome to roanoke college, your application shows little intelligence but your Lilly dress is quite becoming. here is your solo cup and your diploma! congrats on that MRS. degree, are you going to the polo match?”
Curiously, I typed in the name of my school, RIT:

11,887 guys, 113 girls (4 hot, 109 monsters) 
2,000 art students, 10,000 legitimate students 
9,308 LAN parties, 898,048 gallons alcohol, 12,498,203 lbs. marijuana, 12 broken elevators, 0 sunny days, 10 week quarters, 3.95 avg GPA, 323,897,108,304,103 bricks, 12,384,304,142 cigarettes, 9,301 anime junkies, 24 jocks, 5,603 that will make more money than you, 0 chance of getting laid. 

[Urban Dictionary]

AT&T Says: You love yourself

Today I decided to review my wireless bill with the suspicion that AT&T had screwed up their website. Not only did I find out that rollover minutes do expire but I apparently love myself. 

I’ve noticed, after reviewing my call sheet, I’ve managed to call myself for long periods of time. Yes, this sounds crazy, but it’s true. Here’s some evidence (I’ve blurred out the last 3 digits for my security).

Do you love yourself soo much that you call yourself? At Night?