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Save money drinking clean water with a water bobble

Bottled water costs about $1.50. Cases of water usually cost $5 and you only get 24-36 bottles. We use millions of gallons of oil each year producing disposable water bottles that usually end up in landfills. Brita or Pur water filters are great options. You have to refill them, and wait for the water to filter through before you can pour a glass, but you can’t take the filter with you. There’s a better solution: Water Bobble. It’s a $10 water bottle

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Happy April Fools!

[![](]( "photo sharing")[Green Milk](, originally uploaded by [iWaffles]( Happy April Fools Day! I died my roommates milk last night before I went to bed knowing that he’d want to make cereal as part of his every morning ritual. He refused to eat his cereal. Pranks from around the web: Virgle: Earth has Issues Tauren Marine in

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