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Why You Should Always Log Out

I’m not the only person to walk into a computer lab and find a deserted computer with someone still logged in. In-fact, I’m usually kind enough to log them out — you know, because of the whole Golden Rule thing. Jeff Rosenberg tells it differently:

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the library or a computer lab and found someone still logged into their user account. It used to make me angry. It used to make me wonder what was wrong with people. I don’t know if they just forget or just don’t care, but either way they deserve to be messed with for their stupidity. It took almost a year of my life to find these and to some degree I feel bad, but I’m pretty sure these people won’t ever forget to log out again. [College Humor]

Very true — I wonder why I haven’t already thought of this.

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Voting Machine Elected as President

This just in — We have a new candidate who has been elected for president. It’s not Obama nor McCain.

Electronic voting machines across the country have unanimouslyvoted for the DRE700 voting machineto be elected as next president of the United States.

[Laughing Squid via The Onion News Network]