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A not-so-brief chat with Randall Stephenson of AT&T

Point of the talk was, when you’re lucky enough to create a smash hit product — when the stars align, and the hardware is great and the ecosystem is great and the apps are great and the whole experience is great, and everything you do just makes everything else better, and you’re totally on a roll and can do no wrong — when that happens, you do not go out and try to fuck it all up by discouraging people who love your product. What you

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Apple Store Back up with updated Goodies!

When the Apple Store goes down Apple fanboys get excited. Preeminently a tall-tail sign of new products. Today’s new (or updated) products include the iMac, the Mac Mini and the king of all kings, the Mac Pro. Apple® today introduced the new Mac® Pro using Intel “Nehalem” Xeon processors and a next-generation system architecture to deliver up to twice the performance of the previous generation system.* The new Mac Pro starts at $2,499 and features the latest graphics technology and an updated interior that

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