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Carrier IQ, Apple, HTC, Samsung as well as AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile sued over Federal wiretap laws

From The Next Web:

On Nov. 30, 2011, the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary said in a letter to Carrier IQ that “these actions may violate federal privacy laws.” It added, “this is potentially a very serious matter.”

Earlier in the week I mentioned this was a big deal.

It’s becoming even bigger:

This is the third class-action suit to be announced over this issue, two more have been put forth in California and Missouri.

Read the full article here.

Voicemail Hacking – It’s Easier Than You Think.

In light of the News of the World scandal here’s a piece about how easy it is to hack someone’s voicemail.

I spoke with John Hering CEO of Lookout, the most downloaded mobile security app. He has over 10 years mobile security experience and works to protect people from hackers and thieves everyday. He noted “There are a handful of applications that can produce sophisticated attacks — that don’t require overly sophisticated software.”

Good piece from my friend Katie Linendoll the energetic Tech Wiz on CNN and CBS. Definitely worth a read (unless you don’t have a cell phone, which is weird).

When I was younger I used to caller-id spoof people claiming that I was Bill Gates – it was pretty easy to do at the age of 12.

Baguette Dropped From Bird’s Beak Shuts Down The Large Hadron Collider

The bird dropped some bread on a section of outdoor machinery, eventually leading to significant over heating in parts of the accelerator. The LHC was not operational at the time of the incident, but the spike produced so much heat that had the beam been on, automatic failsafes would have shut down the machine. [Stuart Fox of Popular Science]

Seriously interesting that this isn’t coming from The Onion.

Artist Shepherd Fairey Arrested In Boston Friday Night


Shepherd Fairey, the famous graffiti artist responsible for Obey as well iconic imagery used in the Barack Obama presidential campaign was arrested in Boston on Friday night. Fairey was in town for an opening of a new show of his, “Supply and Demand,” at the Institute of Contemporary Art. He was arrested on two outstanding warrants for graffiti in Boston. [Thomas Hawk]

Read more at Thomas Hawks blog, “Digital Connection

Why You Should Always Log Out

I’m not the only person to walk into a computer lab and find a deserted computer with someone still logged in. In-fact, I’m usually kind enough to log them out — you know, because of the whole Golden Rule thing. Jeff Rosenberg tells it differently:

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the library or a computer lab and found someone still logged into their user account. It used to make me angry. It used to make me wonder what was wrong with people. I don’t know if they just forget or just don’t care, but either way they deserve to be messed with for their stupidity. It took almost a year of my life to find these and to some degree I feel bad, but I’m pretty sure these people won’t ever forget to log out again. [College Humor]

Very true — I wonder why I haven’t already thought of this.

Read more.

News Flash: Circuit City really is Dying!

Circuit City Closing
As of about 3:54pm (EDT), Circuit City’s website ( has gone down for maintenance – or so it appears.

Maybe they are updating their website with their liquidated prices.

It’s liquidation time! Well, As long as it’s approved.

For those of you who are unsure of what is going on, read this: “Circuit City joins CompUSA in death

[Thanks Andrew]

Celebrity Twitter Accounts Hacked!

What started with just one twitter account has now reached many celebrities such as Britney Spears, Bill O’Reilly, President Elect Obama and many more.

My guess is they’re just finding out about it now, and realizing their password, which was probably “password,” has been changed. Twitter will promptly restore the account to its rightful owners, I’m sure. But here’s my question – if you’ve had your Twitter account hacked, how long did it take you to get it back?

It turns out that Computer Nerds have a sense of humor.

Via Tech Crunch.

Update: Bill O Riley is gay and Rick Sanchez (That guy from CNN) won’t be making it to work today,

i am high on crack right now might not be coming into work today

That is all.

Update 2: According to those debbie-downers at CNet it was caused by one hacker and Rick Sanchez, sober, did make it into work today. Read more.

Voting Machine Elected as President

This just in — We have a new candidate who has been elected for president. It’s not Obama nor McCain.

Electronic voting machines across the country have unanimouslyvoted for the DRE700 voting machineto be elected as next president of the United States.

[Laughing Squid via The Onion News Network]